EXPO XXI Warszawa

The Power of Space
EXPO XXI Warszawa is the largest and most modern exhibition, conference and congress Venue in Warsaw, Poland. Expo XXI’s huge potential of space comprises 17 000 sqm of space in 4 multifunctional halls and 10 conference rooms. Advanced technologies, modern technical solutions, and column-free space, guarantees the highest quality of events.
17 000 sqm of space
4 multifunctional halls
10 conference rooms
10m hall height
5 400m2 of advertising spaceThe Power of Us
Expo XXI is unique not only because of its facilities, but because of its people. Expo XXI Warszawa has “the” team, which is almost indescribable in its delivery and something to be experienced to be truly understood. Our customers come to us and stay with us, because of who we are plus our geniune ownership of the delivery of your Event.The Power of Possibilities
Expo XXI Warszawa has unlimited possibilities to hold a huge variety of international and local events – Exhibitions, Conferences, Congresses, Events, Sport Events, Cultural Events, Concerts, Meetings of Political Parties, National Presentations plus many, many more. You name it and we have almost certainly delivered this to higher than the highest standards. Very year we deliver:• over 600 000 visitors
• over 13 000 exhibitors
30 galas night
52 exhibitions
200 seminars, conferences and congresses
80 promotional events, cultural events and sporting events 

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The Power of Connections

Blue Business Media is the market leader of the professional conference community in Poland. Blue Business Media’s conferences provide business platforms to integrate the top management of key sectors of the economy through our amazing ability to bring together relevant people who both appreciate each other and also are willing to contribute to each other, during and after our conferences.Participation in Blue Business Media’s events provides our delegates with much more than unique knowledge; it provides them with a basis for collaboration, innovation, inspiration, and above all brings about positive business change. Through the development of our Must-Go-To© business platforms, Blue Business Media strongly supports the development of entire industries and professional groups by providing the only place in the industry or professional group to meet, irrespective of the state of either their industry sector or the local or international economy.• 500 000 direct mailing comuniques dedicated to select partners every year
• over 15 000 participants from last 3 years
3 500 companies participate in our congresses during 3 years
30 prestigeous conferences every year

The Power of Executives

Conferences organized by Blue Business Media are only meant for the select few and not for the masses. We strongly emphasize quality over quantity. We pay special emphasis and prioritize Business Networking and in doing so we create a pool of relevant business contacts for our participants. Our unique congress format gives room to an exchange of strategic information, starting, stimulating and tightening business contacts, stepping beyond an ordinary event format to create “communities” around each and every subject. This stimulates a core business, which is sought after by the elite in any industry we touch; Presidents, CEO’s, CIO’s, MD’s etc. etc. and speakers who are the absolute leaders in their fields, all of whom appreciate the priviledge of participating in our events.

75% of the top management from the list of the biggest companies Rzeczpospolita
• Blue Business Media is the only provider giving 60 days to exchange information, experience and business networks for key decision makers!

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The Power of Solutions
By acting as a local partner, Sapphire Ventures specifically meets needs of International Exhibition Organizers looking to launch or extending their brands into. Its mission is to bring innovative and game changing experiences into the Group and create long termed business relationships with international and Polish business clients. It’s portfolio includes attendances per Event of:
3000 visiors
300 delegates
50 exhibitors

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